The Eighth Doctor

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"Doctor, is that you?"

"In the flesh. I’m sorry, have we met?"

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thenewfuckingdoctor has entered the TARDIS

"I’m sorry, do I know you?"

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He walked past his ninth self patting him on the shoulder,

"Well since we’re all here who better to solve this little puzzle then us? Eh?"
He slipped on his brainy specs and ran back to the console, looking it over and scanning it with his sonic.
"Bow tie, this is your TARDIS right?"
Of course it had to be, he’s never seen the TARDIS like this before. If he had he would’ve certainly remembered.
“Where was everyone before we all appeared here? Anywhere new? Did you fiddle with the settings?
Maybe its an intervention for that gastly outfit….”
He joked nodding back to his sixth self.

Nine grimaced as the strange converse wearing one touched him, looking around at his past regenerations. Did he really wear celery? Ridiculous. Worse than the bowtie, if he said so himself. The Doctor circled around, pacing and looking at the other 10 versions of himself. “Has to be, it’s a bloody mess,” he remarked, making a face at how strange the console looked to him.

"What’d the mean man do you to, old girl," he mused, his accent thick as he turned to 10. “Well, I was going to charge her on the rift before taking my companion to Disney." He paused, hesitating to tell them he was with Rose, unsure of how many more paradoxes he could cause.

"I don’t know why, but, I had this strange feeling shortly before I used my TARDIS just now. I’m not sure of this exactly, but, perhaps my subconscious mind was trying to warn me that something like this was happen. Although, I’m not sure what this is exactly. Could be anything. The Daleks, The Master, The Time lords, etcetera. Perhaps, dare I say, something even bigger…"


Remember that your initial impressions of Twelve may not actually be what his character is like.

Because remember when we got the first pictures of Eleven?


Remember how he ended up not being all dark and mysterious and brooding but was more of a clumsy baby giraffe? 

Keep that in mind.

Stuff certain doctors and their x2 counterparts have in common.

Fourth and Eighth: Morbius

Fifth and Tenth: Met each other on screen, and, there’s also their ‘daughter’

Sixth and Twelfth: Both actors had guest roles on show previously before playing the Doctor. 

Ooc: Guys, six times two is Twelve. Colin Baker played Maxil onscreen before he did Sixth.